You’ll probably be familiar with the twin menaces of email borne viruses and unsolicited email, commonly referred to as spam. You’ll understand the annoyance caused by that avalanche of junk email which somehow finds its way uninvited into your inbox, destroying the efficiency of your email system, consuming expensive bandwidth and wasting your valuable time.

SPAM Bouncer is a unique product utilising advanced technology to rid your inbox of irritating spam and harmful viruses. You no longer have to download and filter junk messages, saving your time and bandwidth.

SPAM Bouncer operates on our powerful mail server cluster, every email destined for your account is scanned and tested by a number of different processes at the point of entry into our network. Each positive test assigns a weighted score to the incoming message. The final score is used to determine whether or not the message is spam.

This scoring system combined with the quantity and diversity of tests performed means that unlike most competing products, the likelihood of SPAM Bouncer incorrectly identifying a message as spam is negligible and makes it nigh on impossible for spammers and virus writers to craft their messages to bypass the filters.

From the moment you activate SPAM Bouncer on your account you can expect to see all virus-bearing mail and upwards of 98% of unsolicited mail eradicated from your inbox. However you can tune the sensitivity of SPAM Bouncer, add addresses and domains to your block and allow lists as well as configure the handling of messages identified as spam to create a perfect solution tailored to your needs.

The cost of SPAM Bouncer is £50 per year. That’s less than £1 per week to free up your time and your inbox.